Youth Justice Services

If you are in conflict with the law, you probably have some choices to make about your life and your future. Our expert and effective youth justice services can give you the knowledge, training, and counselling you need — empowering you to make positive choices and be a productive member of the community.

Trades Training Centre

The brand new Trades Training Centre will provide top notch training and skills development in the trades for at-risk youth in the Ottawa area. With YOUR help, up to 300 at-risk youth will be trained each year.

William E. Hay Centre

The Hay Centre is a 40-bed residence for male youth (aged 12 to17) in pre-trial detention or post-trial secure custody. It provides educational options and life skills training to help youth in conflict with the law make a positive transition back into the community.

Livius Sherwood Detention and Custody Centre

The Sherwood is an eight-bed residence for male youth (aged 12 to17) in pre‑trial detention or post-trial open custody. Like the Hay Centre, it provides education and training to help youth in conflict with the law make a positive transition back into the community.

One-on-One Anger Management Program

This program addresses the links between anger and action, which can lead to conflict with the law. Four one-on-one interactive sessions show youth in the justice system how to recognize anger and manage it with a variety of alternative patterns and problem-solving techniques.

Youth Mental Health Court Worker

This program supports youth who are in conflict with the law but who also suffer from serious mental health problems. The court worker redirects these youth away from the justice system and towards the services and programs they and their families need.

Community Reintegration Program

Offered to youth in custody, this voluntary program combines personal counselling and a wide range of ongoing support services. By equipping at-risk youth to build healthier relationships and focus on the future, reintegration counsellors help them reduce their risk of reoffending.


Provincial Asset Mapping and Program Inventory Project report - click here to download the report