The Youth Opportunities Strategy

The Youth Opportunities Strategy offers a Summer Jobs for Youth program that provides at-risk youth with opportunities to develop the positive attitudes, behaviours and skills they need to find jobs. The program prepares youth for employment through a series of workshops, assists them in finding a summer work placement, and helps them manage the transition back to school.

A one-week (20 hour) employment preparation workshop helps students:

  • Acquire or arrange for required documentation (e.g., social insurance numbers, licences, etc.) and secure bank accounts
  • Conduct job searches including preparing resumes, cover letters, employment applications
  • Develop appropriate personal attitudes, social skills and behaviours (e.g., punctuality, time management, financial management, appropriate work clothing, problem-solving/conflict resolution)
  • Orient to workplace rules (e.g. health and safety) and responsibilities

Before and during a six-week job placement, the program:

  • Screens and matches youth to job opportunities
  • Facilitates required on‑the‑job orientation and training
  • Arranges for any necessary employee support or accommodation
  • Mentors youth and facilitates any required problem resolution
  • Ensures youth are paid appropriately (minimum wage)
  • Ensures a safe work environment

How to access the program

This program is only available to youth aged 15 to 18 with no previous paid work experience (in Canada), who plan to return to school in the fall, and who reside in one of the following neighbourhoods:

  • Ottawa East – (Overbrook, Vanier)
  • Ottawa Central West – (Caldwell, Debra-Dynes)
  • Ottawa South – (Ledbury, Banff, Heatherington, Confederation)
  • Ottawa West – (Richie, Dumaurier, Michele Heights)

Employers interested in hiring a student through the program must have third-party liability and agree to random visits by program staff for monitoring purposes.

For more information about the program, visit

Phone: 613.236.8244